Brain Advancement Coach Core Training February 2017 Class

Take this course to help your students, clients, children and even yourself improve their memory, attention, processing speed, reasoning and more. You will learn by going through the program yourself! The first year this was offered, the average age of the coaches-in-training was 48 and their cognitive skills increased by an average of 11 percentile points! The best cognitive skill improvement was in long term memory - 18 percentile points!!!

Cognitive/Brain Training

Pyramid of Potential


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Core: $1000 – Must Complete Foundation Course as Prerequisite

-4 month course access

-60 Brain Advancement Coaching Lessons

-Brain Advancement Training Tips

-Weekly Support Calls with a practicing Brain Advancement Coach on the POP Academy Advisory Board

-Other Materials to be purchased additionally, list will be provided

-25% Referral Program (you earn 25% of the tuition when your referral pays and finishes course)


Course completion enables you to receive a Brain Advancement Coach certificate if meeting the following requirements:

-Gibson post-test increase in 1 deficient area for cognitive skills

-75% participation in support calls

-75% score or higher on Course Final


**All links and additional materials purchase information provided upon request and at registration