Primitive Reflexes: Foundations; Starting April 1st

This course includes the following shorter courses:

- Maintaining Brains Everyday 

     6 reflex integration exercises plus 4 additional exercises for vestibular and strength improvement

- Primitive Reflexes: Foundations for Learning

    7 primitive reflexes: testing, integration, background and research for Moro, Palmar, TLR, Spinal Galant, ATNR, STNR and Fear Paralysis

- Harnessing Learning Potential Video Series

     60 short videos on improving learning 

Pyramid of Potential


Currently Unavailable


-4 months course access 

-Maintaining Brains Every Day exercises 

-Primitive Reflexes: Foundation for Learning (7 hour course certificate to apply for CEU's with 75% passing score) 

-The Listening Program (at additional cost) 

-EyeQ Advantage (at additional cost) 

-60 video series: Harnessing Learning Potential (8 hour course certificate with 75% passing score) 

-4  hours of support by a Brain Advancement Coach on the POP Academy Advisory Board 

*Maintaining Brains Every Day ongoing training available for $15/month subscription